Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Sort Of Beginning To A Story...

I think I've gotten to the age where I want to start writing about things. You may ask "Well,what things?" Well to be honest with you... Anything! I want to be able to look back and cringe at my own words and sentences and not recognize myself in my own writing! But also to be able to let someone relate to me (or to be on the opposite sides of the opinion spectrum!)
So I've thought the best thing to do is have a basic structure, which if you knew me you know will fail within the posts that will slowly follow this one. I lack the organized gene I think! But nonetheless I'm going to try and this is something I want to stick to. That's another thing I have a problem with, I'm the biggest commitment phobe in the world (that might be an exaggeration). But I would like to try and stick to these guidelines. Maybe to give the younger generation a taste of turning 20 and how it really is :P Or the older generation to get an insight to this new crazed generation that they have produced. But like I said these are the guidelines I plan to stick to! They probably won't even come in the same post. Just scattered throughout the week! But this is the plan *fingers crossed*
Favourite song of the week
Book I'm reading (That one will probably come and go through posts)
Show I'm watching
My thoughts on one political news article         )
My thoughts on one big headline in the news  )     Or a post that just interests me that week :)
My thoughts on a celebrity headline                ) 
Something I learnt that week
Something I wish to have (This could be short term or long term)
My progress on that! :P
And then just in and outs of the week I guess!

By the time I've got into the swing of things, that list would have chopped and changed and this post will be pointless :) One thing I'm trying my hardest not to do is to sit there and describe myself in the "Hi I'm Jess and I'm adventurous and bubbly and blah blah blah!" I want whoever reads this to figure that out for themselves, because like I said that would just be an opinion of myself if I came out with a description. But I'm gonna leave with one thing off the list. Favourite song of the week! I can't stop listening to it the last couple of days. It's literally been on repeat! I hope to hear from you all soon with your thoughts on my thoughts. :)