Thursday, 20 March 2014

Naturals For Boobies

There's been a trend the last few days to raise awareness for Breast Cancer where women take selfies, now stay with me I know this is the norm for women, but they're going without make up! Nada! Completely nat-u-ral! This won't be a long post, I just wanted to get out how surprised I am, as to how much it's worked! But the big question is, should it be about raising awareness or raising money? Personally I think both are just as important as the other! Raise awareness for women to check themselves and get themselves checked! Raise money to get the research done to save lives! I don't think either opinion is wrong because I've never heard so many people talk about the 'C' word so much, whether it's negatively or positively, it's still being spoke about and I guess is sort of the point to the whole thing. Unfortunately cancer seems to have had an effect on everyone, either you know someone that's had it or you have had it yourself! We can really learn from this! I know that I learnt more about what to look out for and how to know whether I should be getting checked out!

Within 24 hours Breast Cancer UK had raised over £1million! If that doesn't prove a point then I don't know what will! Maybe Charities should make raising awareness/money more fun? I'm not sure that's the right word to use but everyone seems to have enjoyed doing them (apart from those neg heads) and most people seems to have donated! A little can go a long way! So to those who thought it was silly and didn't see the point and mostly to you cancer you can all go do one!! Congratulations ladies keep it going! 

If you'd like to donate to Breast Cancer simply text BEAT to 70099
My no make up selfie!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Naughty Step

I've recently read a blog post about being against LGBT from a Nigerian man's viewpoint, Adeyinka Adekanye. It's inspired this post and has make me realise there's more to the AGAINST viewpoint than what is being shown. Although I am FOR Gay Rights and believe they should receive every entitlement anyone else does, he made some extremely good points more about the history and politics that it involved for their country and their people which made me look at the situation quite differently.

A point that stuck with me most from the post was how the 'Western World' are trying to force these laws on to these countries and how their arguments against having them are based on religion. A religion that was imposed by the 'Western World'. So to put it in really simple terms American and European countries have gone to Africa, put them in slavery and told them that this religion is what they should be following because that's right and everything else is wrong. Cut to a few hundred years down the line now we're telling these said countries that they're opinions based on religion is wrong. It makes me think that are we the right people to be telling others what to do. We seem to think that every opinion we have is right and so therefore should be shoved into every other countries faces when only 50 years ago homosexual acts became legal in the UK and still wasn't a safe place for people to come out in. The negative treatment of homosexual men and women all over the world is a thing that's still being worked on, but when countries like America are trying to force these views onto others when they still don't seem to have their own states agreed on the laws. In a country where it has 50 states and only 17 of them have made the pass on legalising gay marriage. It seems quite hypocritical. Maybe they should focus in on themselves and what else they could be doing before projecting to the rest of the world because it seems clear they have work to do! It seems hypocritical. It seems to be one rule for one and one rule for the other.

This brings me to the next point that was raised in the post about how countries are starting to stop sending aid and pulling their companies out of countries like Uganda and Nigeria because of their anti gay laws. Even though I understand the logic behind this, is it not a bit like disciplining a child? Are they treating these countries like children? How are you ever going to get adults to agree on or even understand your view if you are trying to essentially 'send them to bed with no dinner' or 'putting them on the naughty step'. Why are we not focusing in on all of the 82 countries where homosexuality is illegal instead of picking and choosing who we're going to punish next? Recently a lot of the focus has been on Russia and the disgusting way homosexuals are treated. There was a bid for bars, clubs (especially LGBT establishments) and the general public to stop buying Smirnoff products as it was a Russian product. If this is the approach we're going to take then should we not be doing the equivalent to each country and state until it's legal. Should we be turning our backs on American states that hasn't yet agreed? Well if that's the way we're doing it then yes, but let's be honest it's not going to happen and the 'theory' clearly hasn't worked as of yet and probably isn't going to.

So the question being, what do we do? Unfortunately I don't think there is a right answer but all we can do is keep raising awareness and try to make people understand, but you can't force things. I always find people have a greater respect for your opinions regardless of whether they agree or not, if you are to just take the time to not fight your argument, but to help people understand why these are your opinions and in turn they will tell you the reasons for their opinions. But how are things going to be resolved if we're always in a battle of who's wrong and who's right and especially when we've pushed those opinions onto people when we were 'right' before. The thing about change is that it's slow and we have to acknowledge that things take time, but they do change and we are already seeing that. Maybe we shouldn't be fighting for such extreme views in countries that clearly have their own beliefs but trying to educate people about some of the issues and instead of punishing them help them to understand. After all education can be one of the strongest tools! Sometimes there's nothing wrong with a compromise!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Average Ali

Describe to me what the average person is to you. Forget about the maths involved with it, just your personal description of what you believe it to be. What is this person's traits? What are their quirks? Do they have any habits?

I find that there's so much hype about this average person! Let's call this person Ali, and on average we're quite obsessed with their appearance! Weight, height, general body measurements, eye colour, hair colour, hair in genral, skin colour!

Funny Confession Ecard: Don't hate me because I'm skinny. Hate me because I can eat as much as you do without gaining an ounce. Would you like some cake?
Honey, Skinny is NOT sexy! Eat a Sandwich!The average persons hair starts going frizzy at 60% humidity.

"Mine goes frizzy at 70%! What sort of monster am I?"
(Not an actual fact!)

Why do people want to put numbers and statistics on the appearance and not on the things that make people, well, human? In a world where they're trying to make people accept 'Ali' it seems that it's turning into the 'Unofficial Battle of the Sizes'. The 'Unofficial Battle of the Sizes has been going on much longer than most battles, and it seems everyone is involved! I scroll through my Facebook feed and there's the "I'm proud to be curvy" And the "I'm proud to be slim" but it doesn't stop at being proud. It goes so much further! Too far! It seems people over a certain weight are on one side of the ring and people under a certain weight on the other. I thought we were fighting for equality? How can these people be allies and yet feel like the biggest enemy in this fight for "equality". What ever happened to the rest of a make up of a person? Personally, I don't choose my friends on their size of clothing or how big their eyebrows are. If I share a similar sense of humour with someone then I think it's going to turn into a beautiful friendship.

If I'm to describe Ali I'd say that they would have a good bit of common sense. an ability to be able to make friends and keep good relationships with them. Has had a bit of heartache but is stronger for it! They sometimes say things they don't mean and immediately regret it. They will cry and sometimes laugh for no reason whatsoever. They have a habit that nobody knows about and isn't necessarily even relevant to anything. They have a habit that everybody knows about! They have opinions on different topics and doesn't care about other topics. Things make Ali angry, happy, and confused. Ali definitely does not understand everything but things are a learning curve! But every individual has their own traits which separates themselves from Ali which is just as important as everything else!

I strive to try and break the 'Ali' personality boundaries! I don't want to blend in with the 'norm', and I think I do it rather well! I think what annoys me most about Ali is that people are looking at that thinking that means Ali is the ideal person. Unfortunately for these people what they maybe don't realise Ali is just based on numbers and surveys. Ali isn't real. You are! It seems averages are just as much the enemy as the rest of "the enemies" The things you do and say are real and instead of trying to base yourselves on a number, express yourself the way you want to! People will appreciate that far more! The reality is the odds are against us and not everybody can like us and that's okay, it's just one of those things! Don't let that stop you being you though, because you will find people that like, or even share your ridiculous choice of clothing or your views of conspiracy theories. The only thing that everybody should have in common is rights and the only numbers that matter is you, because you are your own number one!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Future Me

Dear Future Me

Wow! I wonder if you'll even remember writing this and how bloody tired you was! Aha :) It's Sunday/Monday the 2nd/3rd of March 2014. It's nearly two in the morning and here you are writing a letter, to yourself. Did you really have nothing better to do? Like sleep? I seriously don't get enough of that! And then sometimes too much of it? Enough about me, for now, what have you been doing? :P Have you found your calling in life yet? So far I've gone through about a million different "THE dream jobs" for you! You're difficult to please and I'm far too fussy! Right now I'm at the Beehive, I hope you're not there still! Of course you're not... Right? Whatever I choose for you I hope you still enjoy it! I'm not sure you can tell but I'm a bit worried about you as of recently! After my trips to and from Ghana it's made me realise that I'm capable of so much more, but it'd be helpful if you let me know what exactly that is? Whatever it is I hope you're doing what you enjoy because you deserve it! Talking of Ghana, are you still banging on about it? Haha! I really hope so! Or have you managed to drag your butt to other countries and go on about them instead? I hope for that too! I guess I just hope you're happy! 

Have you stopped bloody smoking yet? If you have then CONGRATULATIONS!! If you haven't then I'm disappointed in you! It's not big and it's not smart you know? And it's really not good for you but you already knew that! I hope you don't drink half as much as I do! It really is a waste of money! But you better not have given it up completely you've always been a laugh when you're a little tiddly! Have you started being healthier yet? Because if you haven't you should really start now. You should have started years ago! Which reminds me, do you have a family of your own yet? And if so I can't wait to meet them all! How does it feel? Because right now you're seriously lacking in responsibilities! Don't be jel! Do you remember that was a saying in 2014?

What else is going on right now? I'm obsessed with Buzzfeed and Vine because they're both super hilarious! Did you forget? You probably did! Aha! But that's fine because I guess you've got more important things to think about! But please don't forget to smile, because I know you love to laugh! Even if everyone else doesn't want to hear that cackle!

I'm starting to get quite tired now so I'll finish this here but there's a few things I want you to remember;
Believe in yourself! You have more to offer then you realise.
Just breathe if it gets too much. You can get passed whatever it is!
I've already said it but I want to emphasize the "Don't forget to smile" Because you really do enjoy laughing. And I think everyone else secretly does too!
But in conclusion I just hope you're happy and that I've done you proud!
Lotsa lovings
Jes(sica) xxx