Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Been A While...

So it's been over a year since I've wrote anything here! I'm a tad dissapointed in myself that I couldn't even stick at it longer than just the one introduction post. I wish I had recorded my year as some of it was so busy I feel like I missed a majority of it! :/ But I also feel like I did a lot of growing up and had a lot of change in my opinions, as well as my goals and future plan. For once I feel like there is a plan! Not one of much organisation BUT a plan none the less. The plan you may ask? It involves more volunteering in my favourite place (Ghana!) and then fingers crossed 2015 will be the year I start a University Education studying Social Sciences, specifically International Development. I've played on the idea of the subject for a few years. I don't want to be another young adult who gets themselves in debt over choosing any subject because it sounded good at the time. I want to make sure I've had enough time to know and to be able to fully understand what I will be getting myself into with the commitment and debt! I just want to be doubly sure :P But I feel that it's time to put it as a definite on the future plan!

As I think about what has happened in the last year since I last wrote this and there's only been a few things. One that was inevitable to leave a memory or a thousand was heading back to Ghana. What a trip! But I knew it was going to be anyway! I've also celebrated my 21st since and celebrated it in style in Ghana! But when I try to think back to the rest, nothing sticks out and it's right now writing this that I feel I need to make a change. I would rather not go out for a couple of weeks and go to a gig. Or save and go out for a day, a weekend or a week. No mater how small, I want to start making my days more memorable and almost start living. I'm also not afraid of my opinions and of wanting to express them whether it be a close matter to my heart or whether it be a flying though across my mind. Instead of this being a place where I document my life fact by fact, I'd rather act a bit more free and throw my thoughts out there to the rest of the world (If they so choose to read it :P). But even if not this is a place where I can be me and I'm open for debate! I don't believe that your opinions stays the same for every subject if you're open minded. It changes with experience and new knowledge! I just want to expand on my knowledge and even find opinions about subjects I didn't even realise I had! So I'll completely disregard my first post but keep it there as I did have some sort of intention. But this won't be on a time schedule just as and when I want to share something because this isn't about getting the views on my blog it's about sharing with you and you sharing with me. So if you had read this maybe throw a subject at me I'm all ears... Maybe eyes and fingers would be more appropriate for a blog :) I look forward to hearing from you! But I may throw the odd song in there! Just cus I like them :) So here's to a good new year!

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