Friday, 16 January 2015


So it's become very apparent that I genuinely am very useless at keeping up with this whole blogging business! But here I am again about to tell you all about my last few months and what's in store for my next few. So I'll start from the beginning, because that's a very good place to start :D
So I started my new job in August which was definitely the change I needed and has really been where the ball has started rolling... again! With a new job comes a new routine and a whole new social circle which was very exciting as I've always been very keen on meeting new people. But I had a moment in November maybe where I thought that I might throw it all away and run straight back to the pub, my comfort zone. With everything being so new for the first few months, you're still adapting to everything but once that's over and the dust starts to settle the reality of the all the changes start to become very clear, and honestly that's more scary then making the changes. Thinking only a few months ago I was this different person with a different life. The scariness had really come from being turned down for a promotion at the new job. When I told I hadn't got it this time, I went home and got very angry! Was this change all worth it? Would I have been off if I had stayed? What about all this work I've put into this? Well, I decided to calm down and go back to my work and tell them exactly why I thought they had made the wrong decision, why I was deserving of the role, how I was the best candidate. Would you believe that worked? Well it did! I went back and fought for what I believed I deserved and got it. In that moment I realised I had changed so much already. Never before would I have fought hard for what I wanted and not in a begging, whiney way. No, I fought with reason and evidence, I may have got a bit teary but that's because I felt so passionate about what I was saying! So when I they told me they had re-thought it and I had I thought I had really won a small battle (for man, huge win for Jess! :D).
So with any promotion come new responsibilities and I've been super busy setting training mornings up and how to boost staff morale, and I feel that my time in Ghana teaching was brilliant experience for this role! I could put my teaching methods into my work, and also on the way learn so many more methods that I could take away with me for the future.
One thing that;s unfortunate that comes with new jobs and any real big change is the loss of friends. Maybe loss is a bit of an extreme word, but definitely losing touch with people. I have all these accomplishments I want to tell my old friends and it feels like it may have been too long to text them out the blue to be like 'Look what I did!'. So that's something I'm gonna be working onnow I'm more comfortable in my new role, working on my friends. Even if it's a text a week, I need to make it happen, cus it's taken me being away from them all to realise what I've had with them and actually how much I need them around!
So talking of the future, I'm moving in with one of the besties in a couple of weeks time. It's a totally exciting time, but also a really scary time! But the time has come, I'm 22 and it's time to fly the nest. And who better to do it with than the bestie! If you had asked me last year if  I thought I was grown up, I would have turned around and really believed that yes I had grown up, but I'm now realising how wrong I would have been, there's so much for me to experience, like responsibilities!
But that's where I'm at now! I'll probably be back in a few  months time telling you all how it is being a grown up and how I'm totally out of my depth!
So I'll leave you with one of my favourite songs at the minute and hopefully I shall speak to you sooner then that :D

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