Monday, 3 March 2014

Future Me

Dear Future Me

Wow! I wonder if you'll even remember writing this and how bloody tired you was! Aha :) It's Sunday/Monday the 2nd/3rd of March 2014. It's nearly two in the morning and here you are writing a letter, to yourself. Did you really have nothing better to do? Like sleep? I seriously don't get enough of that! And then sometimes too much of it? Enough about me, for now, what have you been doing? :P Have you found your calling in life yet? So far I've gone through about a million different "THE dream jobs" for you! You're difficult to please and I'm far too fussy! Right now I'm at the Beehive, I hope you're not there still! Of course you're not... Right? Whatever I choose for you I hope you still enjoy it! I'm not sure you can tell but I'm a bit worried about you as of recently! After my trips to and from Ghana it's made me realise that I'm capable of so much more, but it'd be helpful if you let me know what exactly that is? Whatever it is I hope you're doing what you enjoy because you deserve it! Talking of Ghana, are you still banging on about it? Haha! I really hope so! Or have you managed to drag your butt to other countries and go on about them instead? I hope for that too! I guess I just hope you're happy! 

Have you stopped bloody smoking yet? If you have then CONGRATULATIONS!! If you haven't then I'm disappointed in you! It's not big and it's not smart you know? And it's really not good for you but you already knew that! I hope you don't drink half as much as I do! It really is a waste of money! But you better not have given it up completely you've always been a laugh when you're a little tiddly! Have you started being healthier yet? Because if you haven't you should really start now. You should have started years ago! Which reminds me, do you have a family of your own yet? And if so I can't wait to meet them all! How does it feel? Because right now you're seriously lacking in responsibilities! Don't be jel! Do you remember that was a saying in 2014?

What else is going on right now? I'm obsessed with Buzzfeed and Vine because they're both super hilarious! Did you forget? You probably did! Aha! But that's fine because I guess you've got more important things to think about! But please don't forget to smile, because I know you love to laugh! Even if everyone else doesn't want to hear that cackle!

I'm starting to get quite tired now so I'll finish this here but there's a few things I want you to remember;
Believe in yourself! You have more to offer then you realise.
Just breathe if it gets too much. You can get passed whatever it is!
I've already said it but I want to emphasize the "Don't forget to smile" Because you really do enjoy laughing. And I think everyone else secretly does too!
But in conclusion I just hope you're happy and that I've done you proud!
Lotsa lovings
Jes(sica) xxx


  1. Hello there, Firstly Its nice to see you start a blog, Congrats.

    Coming to the blog appearance, its a bit dull, don't use too many colors. one to two are fine and add some widgets so that people can find you blog content easily. May be a search bar at the top can do the trick. Add archives and some social widgets describing who you are

    Lastly the post, the conclusion you offered in the post is great. A simple smile can make your day pleasant. Smile and silence can help you avoid many problems...

    Just catch me on my blog. share your views too. Let me know when you post so that i can comment on your posts regularly.

  2. Well, am sure in future, when that time comes, you sure will be proud of how you've turned out because from what I've read now, you have an incredibly enviable personality.

    But truly for your sake, I sure hope you stopped you smoking and gave up on those bad habits you're racking up.

    You also should travel more and prolly visit Nigeria - my home country.

    I see a silver lining for you. Great write up.

    1. Thank you very much! It will be interesting to read this back in a few years time and see if I've made these changes!
      I would really love to visit more countries and Nigeria is one of them! I really hope so! I wonder where life will take me :)