Sunday, 9 March 2014

Average Ali

Describe to me what the average person is to you. Forget about the maths involved with it, just your personal description of what you believe it to be. What is this person's traits? What are their quirks? Do they have any habits?

I find that there's so much hype about this average person! Let's call this person Ali, and on average we're quite obsessed with their appearance! Weight, height, general body measurements, eye colour, hair colour, hair in genral, skin colour!

Funny Confession Ecard: Don't hate me because I'm skinny. Hate me because I can eat as much as you do without gaining an ounce. Would you like some cake?
Honey, Skinny is NOT sexy! Eat a Sandwich!The average persons hair starts going frizzy at 60% humidity.

"Mine goes frizzy at 70%! What sort of monster am I?"
(Not an actual fact!)

Why do people want to put numbers and statistics on the appearance and not on the things that make people, well, human? In a world where they're trying to make people accept 'Ali' it seems that it's turning into the 'Unofficial Battle of the Sizes'. The 'Unofficial Battle of the Sizes has been going on much longer than most battles, and it seems everyone is involved! I scroll through my Facebook feed and there's the "I'm proud to be curvy" And the "I'm proud to be slim" but it doesn't stop at being proud. It goes so much further! Too far! It seems people over a certain weight are on one side of the ring and people under a certain weight on the other. I thought we were fighting for equality? How can these people be allies and yet feel like the biggest enemy in this fight for "equality". What ever happened to the rest of a make up of a person? Personally, I don't choose my friends on their size of clothing or how big their eyebrows are. If I share a similar sense of humour with someone then I think it's going to turn into a beautiful friendship.

If I'm to describe Ali I'd say that they would have a good bit of common sense. an ability to be able to make friends and keep good relationships with them. Has had a bit of heartache but is stronger for it! They sometimes say things they don't mean and immediately regret it. They will cry and sometimes laugh for no reason whatsoever. They have a habit that nobody knows about and isn't necessarily even relevant to anything. They have a habit that everybody knows about! They have opinions on different topics and doesn't care about other topics. Things make Ali angry, happy, and confused. Ali definitely does not understand everything but things are a learning curve! But every individual has their own traits which separates themselves from Ali which is just as important as everything else!

I strive to try and break the 'Ali' personality boundaries! I don't want to blend in with the 'norm', and I think I do it rather well! I think what annoys me most about Ali is that people are looking at that thinking that means Ali is the ideal person. Unfortunately for these people what they maybe don't realise Ali is just based on numbers and surveys. Ali isn't real. You are! It seems averages are just as much the enemy as the rest of "the enemies" The things you do and say are real and instead of trying to base yourselves on a number, express yourself the way you want to! People will appreciate that far more! The reality is the odds are against us and not everybody can like us and that's okay, it's just one of those things! Don't let that stop you being you though, because you will find people that like, or even share your ridiculous choice of clothing or your views of conspiracy theories. The only thing that everybody should have in common is rights and the only numbers that matter is you, because you are your own number one!

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